Web Development
that simply works.

I am/

Mary Beth, most people just call me MB. I'm a web developer located in Durham, NC, making the web a better place one website at a time. If you're here, chances are you want to do something online. I can help you build it, tweak it, fix it, or make it sing.

Web Development /

is what I do. I develop various objects, interactions, and applications for the web such as: websites, calculators, calendars, forms, widgets, animations, slideshows, shopping carts, api integrations and more. I also convert .psd's into working websites and create mobile websites and applications.

WordPress /

is my playground. I build custom widgets, code templates, create custom admin panels, shortcodes, hacks, and just about anything you can imagine.

My code /

is handwritten, properly commented, semantic, seo friendly, cross browser compliant, and validates. Every single time, no exceptions.